A million thanks to you for hiring me to photograph important days in your lives! I had a wonderful time meeting you and your family and having the opportunity to tell your story with images. As an individual who thrives on feedback and constructive criticism, your testimonial will help me improve in areas I may not even know I needed to work on. This review is going to help me grow as both a person and a business and is incredibly valuable to me. Please be honest with your answers- everybody loves to hear what they did right and be praised for doing work, but I promise that any criticism or words of advice will not hurt my feelings at all.

As a small business, I absolutely flourish on word-of-mouth reviews and would not be the business I am without them. Future clients may read your words when searching for reassurance before booking with me to know we're a good fit. As a gift for taking a few minutes out of your day to help me out, I'd like to send you an 8"x10" print of your choice from your gallery! 

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