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Love Your Belly Foods

This month, I’ve been meeting up with local business owners to get familiar with some of the community and get some quality photos in their hands. I knew moving to a new state with no connections would be tough, but I just realized that it’s only difficult right now because I really don’t know anyone!

So I started reaching out to Facebook groups I’m in and meeting some other businesses, and I got to do photos of the products at Love Your Belly Foods located in Tacoma. Kendra and Galen have been SO KIND and I’m thankful that they trusted me to get some pics of their yummy treats, and you can see them in all their glory below.

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2018: A Year of Change

Everyone has their year-end lists, from your most played songs on Spotify to your favorite pictures with your friends, we all like to reflect on the year we had and what we loved about it. And I’m not going to miss out on that! So I’ve put together some highlights from my year that I know I’ll want to look back at in 10 years.

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