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2014: A Year for Myself

I had a hard time picking the title for this blog post, but A Year for Myself seems so fitting. At the start of the year, I was finding myself after I left my first long term boyfriend just a few months before, and let myself be confident, sassy, and self-critiqued. I spent some time working out, adapting to a new vegan lifestyle, and pouring all of my love into my friends.

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Finally! I've taken the last few weeks to settle down after a summer of working 60 hour weeks, traveling around the country for a month, living in San Francisco for a month, and finally choosing Portland, Oregon to settle down in with Rob. We moved in, put together our apartment with new Ikea furniture, a fridge full of food, and each other. I started working at a grocery store doing home shopping, and he'll be starting a job at Best Buy soon, and I'm glad we're finally moving towards being on our feet.

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