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One Giant, Beautiful, and Inspiring Overhaul!

If you haven't noticed, things might look a little different around my site! I am finally proud of the brand I'm trying to sell, and can't wait to see what the future holds with a new look and a new attitude towards photography.

With 2016 being my year to really take this photography thing seriously, I figured I'd started with something I needed. I mean, really needed. 

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Pope Farm Conservancy with Anne

Through a mutual friend, Anne and I started talking and I asked when she had some free time. Coincidentally, we had matching schedules the following day! I had heard about the Pope Farm Conservancy through some pals, and the big interest every year is for their legendary sunflowers. Though, by the time we got there, the sunflowers were past their peak and had started wilting! But the rest of the conservancy was beyond beautiful, and we still wandered around and got some perfect shots.

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2014: A Year for Myself

I had a hard time picking the title for this blog post, but A Year for Myself seems so fitting. At the start of the year, I was finding myself after I left my first long term boyfriend just a few months before, and let myself be confident, sassy, and self-critiqued. I spent some time working out, adapting to a new vegan lifestyle, and pouring all of my love into my friends.

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