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Four Things to do AS SOON as You Get Engaged!

SO. THEY POPPED THE QUESTION. Maybe at home over a home-cooked meal, or maybe at the summit of your favorite lookout spot, or even in front of a crowd- no matter how it happens, you’re OFFICIALLY ENGAGED!!! I know I found myself asking what to do next without killing the mood or jumping right into wedding planning.

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Allison + Alec | Stevens Point Engagement Session

Allison is like the little sister I never had, so when she asked me to photograph her engagement session and her wedding, I was over the moon! My best friend Leah (who also happens to be my associate photographer that kicks major ass) has been in my life for such a long time, and therefore so has her family. Her younger sister Allison was always around when we were growing up, and I got to watch her turn into a young adult who is engaged to a kind-hearted man. 

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Downtown Milwaukee Engagement Session with Cortney + Dereck | Milwaukee Wedding Photography

Have you ever met someone who is just inches outside of your circle of friends and acquaintances and you feel as if you should know them, but you haven’t had a proper conversation quite yet? That’s how I felt with Cortney and Dereck! We have so many mutual friends and probably have been in the same room a handful of times, but never had a chance to talk.

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