Mount Rainier Wildflower Anniversary Session in Paradise, Washington - Charlotte and Brad

Mount Rainier Anniversary Session Paradise Washington Van Gachnang

Have you ever been standing in a cloud during sunset that slowly turns into a gorgeous cotton candy sky while standing in the presence of Washington’s tallest mountain? I haven’t either.

UNTIL NOW. I spent the evening with Charlotte and Brad running around Paradise and other parts of Mount Rainier National Park and the mountain did not let us down. We were surrounded by a thick blanket of fog that didn’t even let us see the mountain at all until just a few minutes before sunset, when the fog rolled away slowly and the sunset bounced around the clouds and remaining fog to create one stunning sunset. All of us kept spinning around finding new pockets of bright colors or ridges suddenly visible that we could barely focus.

You just have to see for yourself below. And don’t miss a couple of double exposures I got to mash up at the bottom!!

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