Talissa & Trevor | Discovery Park Session in Seattle, Washington

Talissa and Trevor Grindle Discovery Park Seattle Washington

If y’all haven’t been to Discovery Park in Seattle or the West Point Lighthouse right at the tip of the park… WHAT ARE YOU DOING??!

This little slice of preserved forest is perfect for getting away from the city for a few minutes (or few hours, honestly), see the ocean, do a bit of hiking, and even wander around a lighthouse. So when Talissa suggested we do our session there, I was immediately on board.

Meet Talissa and Trevor (together known as BURTco Seattle!)- a lovely photographer-duo who also moved from the Midwest a while back and found a home in the Northwest. We spent some time wandering the park and my husband Rob got to come this time (thanks for driving us around, babe) to enjoy this place, too. I’ll let the photos speak for themselves now, because they truly are worth more than I could describe in words.