2018: A Year of Change

Everyone has their year-end lists, from your most played songs on Spotify to your favorite pictures with your friends, we all like to reflect on the year we had and what we loved about it. And I’m not going to miss out on that! So I’ve put together some highlights from my year that I know I’ll want to look back at in 10 years. And remember, this is my personal highlight reel. This doesn’t include the painful months I had, the stress behind the wedding, an ER visit, or all of the obstacles of moving across the country. It also doesn’t include debilitating depression or months of uncertainty. This is specifically to cover what I loved about the year and what memories I do want to look back at in the future, so don’t ever think that someone’s life is just pretty mountains and cute selfies. I promise you’ll feel a lot lighter if you remember that.

Oh, and I’m going to do a separate post about my 2019 goals, so check back next week!!

To start the year off- Things were pretty steady at the start of 2018. Kodiak was loving the snow, I was still a pharmacy technician at Froedtert, and Rob and I were starting to plan for the wedding and get ready to move. Here are a couple faves:

Once we hit May and June, things got really real, really fast. Our wedding was a few weeks off in Washington with the reception shortly after in Wisconsin, I quit all of my jobs and did my first float session ever, and said goodbye to the last few people I knew that were still living in Wisconsin. Things were bittersweet, but I was hopeful and looking forward to the future.

Probably the best part of this whole year: our wedding and reception!! We said our vows in front of Mount Rainier with 20 friends and family present, and then came back to Wisconsin to throw a party and say one last goodbye to everyone before we moved the following week.

Not long after the wedding craze was over (4 days, to be exact), we finished packing up our apartment and hit the road for a 3-week journey across the West to see everything we could! It was HOT the entire trip. I’m talking over 100F every day with nearly 100% humidity. That made things a little rough, but stopping at a hotel every couple of days helped us keep trekking on. Every chance we got, we’d head to higher elevations to beat the heat and spend some time in the mountains. Honestly, it was a drastically different trip than I had planned for, but I’m thrilled we got to see so much in such a short period of time.

Once we landed in Tacoma, Washington, we settled in and got to see a few things close by. I’ll admit, I didn’t make as much time as I wanted to for the outdoors, but now that I’m going from a total of 7 different jobs in 2018 to ONLY TWO JOBS in 2019, I know I’ll be able to make it a priority. I donated blood for the first time, I started volunteering my time at an animal sanctuary, got bangs again (hell YES), tried a ton of local food, celebrated Kodiak’s 3rd birthday and 2 years of being with us, started my job as internal events coordinator at the Tacoma Art Museum, and ended the year watching fireworks at the Space Needle with Rob. We both settled into our jobs and even though we might be moving to a new apartment in Tacoma in early 2019, it really feels like we’ve made a home in Washington.

2018 was a year for the books, you guys. I cannot wait to take 2019 by the reigns and move closer towards who I want to be.