Our Wedding: Part Two

If you read my last post about the first part of our wedding, you'll know we eloped with less than 20 loved ones present in the Cascade mountains, which meant we couldn't invite a lot of people and it really bummed us out. Our solution was to have a reception shortly after the wedding that would be held in Wisconsin so everyone could celebrate with us!

We had dinner and dancing at Hoyt Park in Madison with about 60 friends and family and it was a complete blast. I got to design every last detail of the day (the Type A part of me loved this part) and then enjoy it with everyone I love. We had a taco buffet, a ridiculous amount of donuts, and plenty of dancing. Shout out to everyone who made the trip to party with us and send us off before we moved to Washington!

Also, Chloe Ann was our photographer for this part of the wedding and she killed it! We laughed a bunch, got a ton of portraits of ourselves, and photos with everyone we care about. And she toughed out the nasty mosquitoes that were completely relentless with us, so she's basically perfect!!