Our Wedding: Part One

We did it! We got married! Rob and I chose to elope with a few friends and family in Mount Rainier National Park on June 16th, 2018 at sunset. Once the first look started and we got things going, I couldn't have been more thrilled how it all turned out. The sun came out, the clouds cleared, and the temperature was perfect. 

We had our first look in a field a few minutes from the ceremony location, where we exchanged gifts and letters to each other. We spent some time relishing in each other's company before heading to the bridge where everyone was waiting. I loved that time more than any other part of the day.

The ceremony took place on a bridge closed to the public near Longmire, and we said our vows in the presence of Mount Rainier and a loudly babbling river below us. My brother, Josh, officiated the wedding and made us laugh through the whole ceremony. We said our vows (which mine were about 5 times as long as Rob's, no joke. I'm just a little wordy, ha!), kissed, and walked through lavender everyone was tossing. It was perfect.

Our night ended with our amaaaaaaaazing photographers, Kiara and David of Indwell Weddings, as we drove around the park and found little spots to stop, hop out, and catch some photos. These two really made our photos a breeze and I'm glad we chose them to be there with us. The mountain came out from behind its usual clouds at the perfect time and really showed us her expansive beauty. I couldn't have asked for a more beautiful backdrop.

We headed back to the cabin we were sharing with most of our guests and ate a ton of food and crashed after a long day. I can't believe everything pulled together the way it did. What a great wedding it was.