Four Things to do AS SOON as You Get Engaged!

Government Cove engagement session by Van Gachnang

It’s the busiest of busy engagement seasons. Winter is the most popular time of the year to get engaged (Rob proposed in September, but hey, it was perfect).

SO. THEY POPPED THE QUESTION. Maybe at home over a home-cooked meal, or maybe at the summit of your favorite lookout spot, or even in front of a crowd- no matter how it happens, you’re OFFICIALLY ENGAGED!!! I know I found myself asking what to do next without killing the mood or jumping right into wedding planning. I was engaged for about 10 months before my wedding this past summer, so I wanted to pass along some tips for those of you freshly engaged so you can make the most out of this truly memorable time in your life. Here we go!

government cove columbia river gorge engagement session by van gachnang
  1. Take it all in!

First things first (before the phone calls, the engagement party, or even the Instagram shot!): take a breath and look into your love’s eyes. This moment is going to be one you remember for most of your life and will hopefully be something you can look back at fondly. The feeling of being freshly engaged to the person you love is such a sweet, tender moment that you won’t want to forget. Spend time with your love just taking it all in and basking in the moment before spilling the news to everyone. This is your moment!

2. Tell the most important people

This might be your parents, closest friends, grandparents, or anyone that’s really special to you- you know who they are and you probably have them on on speed dial (is that even a thing anymore?!). A phone call or in-person meet up before you share to the world on social media will create some truly lovely conversations and is a way to let the people closest to you know the details and maybe even show off your new bling. Who doesn’t wanna flash that thing, am I right?

3. Get a fabulous photo

If you want to take a photo of it the day you become engaged and get it to social media right away, you don’t need an official engagement session to announce it! All you need is your phone and a touch of patience. Here are my favorite ways to get stellar photos on a phone:

  • Find natural, even lighting by going near a window or stepping outside and finding some shade to stand under. This makes all the difference!

  • Relax your hand without hyperextending your fingers (it makes knuckles look funky!)

  • Try holding something like a coffee mug or a glass of champagne to get that “unposed” feel when showing off your new favorite bling. Or hold your lover’s hand as if you’re showing it off to a friend and shoot from above. You’re sure to get a killer photo!

4. Celebrate!!

This can be as simple as popping that bottle of champagne you’ve been saving or going out to your favorite dessert spot, or you can go big and plan a day trip or weekend getaway to just be together and bask. You want to savor every moment before wedding planning inevitably begins!

government cove columbia river gorge oregon engagement session