Zinzi + Rolf | Olympic National Park Couple's Session at Marymere Falls

Crescent Lake couple's session photography port angeles

Get ready for this one, y’all. Zinzi and Rolf have some fiery passion that showed through in their photos and I couldn’t stop shooting! They expressed their interest in doing their session in the rain forest, but the quintessential Hoh Rainforest was closed while they were visiting Washington. So after a little scouting, we settled on the area around Marymere Falls and Lake Crescent, not far from Port Angeles. And let me tell you- it did NOT disappoint.

I almost cannot believe it has taken me this long to get up to Olympic National Park! Within ten minutes of driving through the park, I had tears in my eyes and I was reminded how overwhelmingly happy I am to be living in Washington. Even when it’s overcast, raining, and chilly, I’m thrilled to be outdoors experiencing it all.

We waited out the heavy rain until it was just drizzling and trekked into the woods. Zinzi and Rolf were completely comfortable in front of the camera and were always wrapped up in each other, and I just loved watching their love. Getting to see a little snippet of what Olympic National Park made for a great fall morning, and you better believe I’ll be back soon!