Kate + Amanda | Camano Island Wedding at The Finery

Can you think of a time where you experienced something so life-affirming that you wanted to scream about how much you love it? Because that was me allllllll day long with Kate and Amanda on their wedding day. The combination of getting ready at Camano Island Inn while it overlooks Puget Sound, THE sharpest and perfectly tailored suit I’ve ever witnessed, and a stunning venue like The Finery all made for a memorable wedding day that I was fortunate enough to be there to photograph it all. I shot along side Pete Hammond and we got to witness such pure, raw love between Kate and Amanda throughout the entire day that it was truly something I’ll remember for a long time.

The ceremony took place outdoors in front of loved ones and was so touching that I think everyone in earshot cried. Walking down the aisle to an instrumental version of “Same Love“ by Macklemore had me in chills before we even started. Both Kate and Amanda chose to be barefoot so they could connect themselves to the earth and, essentially, to each other. They exchanged vows they each had written, with every single word chosen purposefully and deliberately. I had just met everyone earlier that day for the first time, but I can’t hold back tears when I get to witness love that is so REAL.

Congrats to Kate and Amanda- Everyone can learn something from you two about how to love.