Allison + Alec | Backyard DIY Wedding in Wisconsin Rapids | Wisconsin Wedding Photographer


Allison and Alec's wedding in her parents' backyard in Wisconsin Rapids, WI this summer was one I won't soon forget because when your childhood best friend's little sister gets married, you don't even hesitate when she asks you to photograph their engagement photos and wedding. Instead, you jump up and down while trying to reply to her text that she's engaged. Obviously. Her wedding was one of those that you come home from feeling so fulfilled and cared for because her family is so welcoming and kind! Allison and Alec were truly made for each other and being able to watch (and photograph!) them say their vows was so special to me and my heart was filled to the brim.

The forecast was rain on and off all day, but Allison knew she wouldn't be satisfied with moving the ceremony underneath the reception tent after setting up everything under a huge tree, so the groomsmen dried off some chairs and handed out umbrellas as guests started to arrive. It never poured too hard, just a steady rain all afternoon that honestly made for a perfectly beautiful day.  With the bride and groom being freshly out of college, they chose to make nearly every single detail at the wedding themselves. From the boutonnieres on each lapel to the DIY photobooth with loads of props, I got to see their personalities shine through everywhere! They worked so hard to put together their wedding, and the rest of the help came from family members who are no strangers to lending a hand. 

After the ceremony, family photos, and bridal party pictures, the rain let up a little bit and we headed out to do some solo portraits of the newlyweds and had some time away from the rush of things. I'm so glad they trusted me to keep them dry because the portraits we got are some of my all-time favorites! Once we came back, we all ate dinner, danced a ton, and ended the day with lots of hugs and see-you-soons.

A note to Allison and Alec: You two share such lovely hearts and were made to find each other. I'm so blessed to have been able to attend your wedding and document how you both felt on such an important day. I can't wait to see what the future has in store for you both because there's no doubt in my mind that you are going to have a long marriage filled with unforgettable memories and boatloads of love. I can't wait to see you both!

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