My 2017 Word!

If you missed my last post, I made a priority for 2017 to blog once a week. Not only will it keep me more consistent and on track with this business, but it will further my writing skills (where I currently am lacking a bit) and make me a little more well-spoken. Win-win! Post #1 out of 52: Done! I'll keep you updated throughout the year as I carry out this little project of mine and hope you stay tuned to know what's going on in my world. Here we go!

Throughout the last year and especially in the last day, I've seen a few creatives pick out a word they want to focus on over the next 12 months. I've been going back and forth with this idea for a few weeks and finally settled it. I'm choosing a word!


verb  cul·ti·vate \ˈkəl-tə-ˌvāt\

  1. to prepare or prepare and use for the raising of crops

  2. to foster the growth of <cultivate vegetables>

    1. to improve by labor, care, or study: refine <cultivate the mind>

    2. to culture

  3. further, encourage <cultivate the arts>

  4. to see the society of: make friends with

While I don't plan on cultivating any crops this year, my ultimate goal is to cultivate everything around me! First and foremost, I plan to grow and strengthen my relationships with friends and acquaintances. 2016 was filled with spending 90% of my time either at work or alone at home decompressing and while it wasn't all that exciting, I can say I definitely needed it. I kept a few friendships close and a priority, but I let too many fade into occasional pals instead of friends who I depend on and who depend on me. I took the Meyer's Briggs test for the first time since high school and definitely switched from an extrovert to an introvert (any other INFJ's out there?!). One of my biggest struggles is consistency in all aspects of my life, and my personal relationships are no exception! This year I want to get in touch with friends who've grown distant, contact other professionals in my industry that will deepen my love for being a creative, and not be afraid to reach out to people who I think may click with me well. 

Another area of cultivation that needs my attention is my marriage. While we have a pretty dang smooth marriage overall, we have hiccups like any couple would. I don't want to eliminate disagreements or points of stress, but cultivate a relationship that will continue to grow and adapt as we move into our second year of being married. Rob is my support system when it comes to my insecurities and faults, and I want to be that in return for him. I also have a plan to travel with him this year as we missed out in 2016! The idea is to head to Yosemite with our pup to go camping, hiking, and exploring a place neither of us have been. If we can each coordinate a week off in the summer or fall, there's no doubt we'll end up in California. 

The third and final cultivation goal is based around myself. It's about to get real up in here! Coming to terms with my mental illness has shown me that it's not just a phase of life I have to overcome, but a part of me that I will live with in some form for the rest of my life. And that's okay! Accepting that it's who I am is tough, and there will always be days where I totally shut down and forget the world exists, but pushing through the tough days to a brand new start the next day is the key. Allowing mental health days to recuperate from a tough week or month is allowed, even if it means my business takes a back seat for the day. I have an obsession with time management and feeling guilty when I'm not being totally efficient or spending 100% of my my free time furthering my business. Another tiny part of me is having the courage to say yes to things I desperately want to do, but am a little scared to (I'm looking at you, yoga class at the gym!). I've always desired to be more of a 'yes woman', and I'm pushing myself to become that for real this year.

That's the idea for 2017! Do you have a word that describes what you want your year to look like? Maybe it's a phrase or quote that stands out to you. Let me know what you're thinking. Until next time!

Van Gachnang