Women's March | Milwaukee, WI

As you may have seen across the news, somewhere around 3 million people (yes, million!) hit the streets and marched in solidarity to support each other on Saturday, March 21st. A lot of focus was put on women's issues, health, and inequality, but I was met with people from all walks of life who supported universal healthcare, love over hate, and body positivity. The majority of these rallies did not hold back when shouting their disapproval of our newly inaugurated president, Donald Trump. 

The official marches I knew of near me were in Madison and Chicago, but I had to work in the afternoon and I couldn't attend them. A few days before that I came across an event happening in Riverwest that was a 15-minute drive from me and I instantly committed to going. I invited my husband along with me, and we headed to the rally around 10am.

I wasn't sure what to expect, as I hadn't been to a march in a very long time (the last time I stood in solidarity with other people was to protest Scott Walker and his dismantling of collective bargaining in 2011), and this wasn't a protest that I was used to. It was a march made up of members of our very own community that shared some ideas and wanted to support other people who felt the same. 

I feel engaged and empowered for the next steps necessary over this presidency.

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