Erin in the Summer

What can I say about Erin? Where do I even start? This woman has so many qualities that I admire and I can't help but brag about how cool she is. She has such a vast knowledge about all things comic book related, she's got a killer style anybody would envy, and she cares about the important issues like dogs, women, and the earth. What more could I ask for in a girl friend?!

We had to get out and shoot after talking about it for so long. I showed up to her house before she got home from dinner (because who doesn't have a key to their friends' apartments?) to pick out some clothes for her to wear and I stumbled across so many cute crop tops and dresses that I could barely decide. We headed out to the nature preserve at Whitnall Park with my husband as an assistant, her boyfriend as a DJ, and their dog Luna as good company. It was incredibly humid and muggy this particular day and it seems to be the norm for Wisconsin in the summertime. Nevertheless, we trudged onwards around the preserve to get some portraits. 

Have a look!