Erin and Curt | A Warm and Wintry Northern Wisconsin Wedding | Wisconsin Wedding Photographer

I did it! I photographed my first winter wedding! :)

Meet Erin and Curt- the sweetest, most loving and kind-hearted couple I've ever had the privilege of working with. These two acted like Leah and I were meant to be there with them celebrating their wedding day. Every person that we interacted with that day was incredibly helpful, insightful, and all around genuine. Leah has known Erin for quite some time and convinced her she needed real photographers at her wedding. She wasn't looking for anything too complicated and would have let a friend shoot the photos, but we knew we had to step in so that she'd be left with images she's proud to hang on the walls and show her future great-grandchildren. 

Let me just say that this was a turning point for Leah and me when it comes to shooting weddings! Though Leah booked the wedding, we shared responsibilities and took turns directing things and it worked out in our favor by a long shot. We realized that aside from being best friends, we make one heck of a photography team! Leah is more detail-oriented than I am when it comes to fixing dresses and loose hair, and I'm blessed to be a people person who can make anyone comfortable in front of a camera. Honestly, it just clicked for the two of us this day and we have so many weddings to look forward over the next 2 years. Hooray!!

Anyway, have a look at Erin and Curt's adorable Winter Wonderland of a wedding! :)