Disposable Cameras

Hi readers! This blog is gonna be all about film. Not exactly shooting great film, but shooting it nonetheless. I'm a firm believer in bringing a disposable camera places where it's just too hard to bring your real gear, but the photographer in you says "TAKE PHOTOS ANYWAY!" Rollercoasters, underwater, and on walks when you don't plan to photograph anything. I've compiled some images from over the last couple years where I couldn't resist bringing a disposable camera, or wanted to shoot film with my 35mm just because. 

First and foremost, my first mountain hiked (alone, at that), I was so unprepared I'm shocked I didn't get eaten or get stranded without means of survival. I wore new tennis shoes not even broken in and goodwill backpack with my film camera, a peanut butter sandwich, and a single waterbottle. Turns out, it was an 8 hour, 13 mile hike to the top and while I could conquer it physically, I was so scared the entire time! But I'm glad I at least brought my 35mm, because some of these bring back incredible moments.

Another place I absolutely love taking a camera... rollercoasters and thrill rides! I can't help it. They're so fun and as long as I grip the camera for dear life, no one gets hurt. Six Flags always puts me in a great mood.

There's no reason not to get an underwater disposable camera for $10 every once in a while, right? These photos date back to many, many years ago, but I'm still a fan. 

And of course, here's a few randoms that don't fall into any of those ridiculous categories somehow! 

If you're feeling burned out or stuck creatively, I would definitely recommend leaving your professional gear at home and go have an adventure with a disposable camera or a 35mm with a few rolls of film. You're bound to take pictures of ridiculous things, but you're bound to look back at them in a few years and be so happy with yourself for doing it. Happy shooting!