One Giant, Beautiful, and Inspiring Overhaul!

If you haven't noticed, things might look a little different around my site! I am finally proud of the brand I'm trying to sell, and can't wait to see what the future holds with a new look and a new attitude towards photography.

With 2016 being my year to really take this photography thing seriously, I figured I'd started with something I needed. I mean, really needed. Since the beginning of this hobby-turned-profession of mine, I've always gone the DIY route. I used the internet to learn how to use my camera, how to market to my target client, and have created all designs and branding. I think I was tricking myself into thinking "Hey... if I can take a stunning image and other people agree that it's awesome, why couldn't I make my own logo?!" Boy, was I wrong. I used free fonts, no color schemes, and basically threw up whatever was trendy at the time. There was no rhyme or reason to what I chose, and there definitely was no sense of continuity anywhere. That's why I decided to bite the bullet and hire a professional to rebrand my business. And I could not be more thrilled!

I started testing the waters in a creatives-only Facebook group I'm a part of by asking what I should realistically look to spend on this if I want it done right. I heard anything from "Just do it yourself!" to upwards of $5,000. I felt like I had to be somewhere right in the middle, as this is my first time hiring someone to do it for me. I got a few references and looked through their portfolios, and the one that really stood out to me was Copper Kettle Co. Kyrsten's branding style was very similar to what I was searching for, and the instant I got an email from her after inquiring, we clicked! After a few emails figuring out what services I needed, we set a start date and got started right away. 


Aside from being incredibly friendly and welcoming, Krysten pays great attention to detail and colors, as well as a fine perception of what a client is really looking for (whether they say it or not!). This process from starting with a font, picking from a handful of designs, and then tweaking the design to exactly what I wanted was so smooth. I got an email just about every other day with an update, and she really kept me on the same page as her through the whole process. 

Overall, this rebranding has been beyond amazing! I feel like a creative professional now, and can't wait to tie these designs into everything- business cards, flyers, and handouts. And obviously my website! If you're looking for a rebrand package that caters to you and what you need, Kyrsten at Copper Kettle Co. is the lady to go to. Watch out for a lot of new things coming up in the next few months now that winter is finally ending! I can't wait to share so many things with you all! :)