2016: BRING IT ON!

As you may have already read, my recap of 2015 was, all in all, a whirlwind of emotions and events. No matter what, the key point to writing and reviewing everything I did in a year was to see what progress I had or hadn't made. Aside from the fact that I make lists for basically every part of my life (I have one saved just for things to buy at Ikea), I always look forward to writing down my goals for the upcoming year. 

Here are some goals of mine for 2016:

1. Get down to my goal weight! To be honest I haven’t set a specific number, and with good reason. When I decided to make a lifestyle change regarding food and exercise, I didn’t want to reach a certain number on the scale. I want to feel a certain way, and look a certain way as well. I’d like to build a lot more muscle than I have right now, and I know that will mess with my weight a bit. So here’s to being down 20 pounds of (mostly) fat in 2015, and going for just as much or more this year, while also lifting weights regularly and building muscle I’d like to keep in the long run.

2. Find a new apartment to settle down in for a while. Or, more importantly, somewhere I can truthfully call home. I struggle with the feeling of permanence, and I don't want to feel weighted down. I do, however, want to feel comfortable and at home wherever I might be residing. I want to plaster the rooms with photos, buy a new desk to work at, and buy prints of my friends’ work to hang on the walls. Have a place with enough room for Rob to comfortably place his TV and Xbox, space for us to have our own time while we’re both home, and enough of a dining room to put our table up. Eating at a table has become so important to me, and I haven’t had one since we moved back.


3. Shoot an elopement. I’d LOVE to shoot a small elopement in scenic Wisconsin, with very minimal family and friends, and a couple who knows where their values really lie. To tag along with them for their day, and to capture photos the entire time. If you’re thinking of eloping, I’m your girl. 

4. Pay off so, so much debt. I’m already well into this, probably cutting my personal debt (aside from my car loan, oofta) in half last year. I want to keep paying things in advance (i.e. 12 months payment instead of a few dollars each month for a year), and only really worry about the bills I need to live, and my car loan. It’s a big goal, but I like working overtime!

5. Buy a bike! I used to absolutely adore biking for ¾ of the year, and recently took up spinning as my exercise of choice, but I don’t have a real, outdoor single-speed to dart around on! I’ve heard Milwaukee can be pretty cool to bike through in the summer, and I’d love to bike to the beach for a picnic or to a pals house.


6. Shoot at least 10 weddings. I only have one actually booked for the year so far, but there's a lot of room for improvement. I've got some business updates in the works that will hopefully help me market a little more accurately! I just know I can't stay at my day jobs for much longer, and want to move towards something more fulfilling. Hard work is my focus.

7. Focus on my mental health. This is one that I need to work on pretty much every day for the rest of my life. As burdening as that may sound, keeping my mental health in check is vital to me being here. I tend to get down on myself and have a hard time shaking being let down or plans not going in my favor, but it goes much deeper than that. I have a lot of reevaluating to do so I can be where I want to, and it seems like a medical professional is the next step to take towards feeling a little better. This is who I am, and I’ve already accepted that, but I need something to change to get through every day.


What are your goals for 2016? Are any of them similar to mine? I can always use an exercise buddy or somebody who is down to stay in and watch Netflix rather than eat away at my savings. I want to hear them, tiny or massive!

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