The Classic and Glamorous Bride

Hi folks! 

The past couple of months have been so incredibly busy with new jobs, new clients, and new ideas. I actually was given the idea to do a styled shoot when I lived out in Portland and met with Lindsay Anne (Dransfield at the time) Bellevue, known as LA Birdie Photography, for tea downtown. She mentioned that it's a great way to network in a new area, get some photos to bulk up my portfolio, and to shoot more wedding related images that I've been dying to get!

After moving back to the Midwest, I really needed something to kickstart my photography business all over again, and to get back in the game of wedding photography altogether. Planning this styled shoot was stressful at times, but overall was a learning experience for me and I feel like I came out with more knowledge and firsthand experience than anything else.

I contacted a few vendors I found after a quick Google search, and was surprised to find that a lot of people responded without a question. Most of them had done styled shoots in the past and were already on board with the trade of services idea! Easy enough. 

This shoot was meant to go in a totally different direction, but after the absolutely beautiful model Samantha Drake and I met, I didn't want to use anybody but her for the shoot. Originally I had planned a boho-chic style with a simple dress from Bucci's Bridal, flower hair clip, and very natural makeup. But the dress I wanted was not a perfect fit for all of us, and we had to think on our toes to get a new gown in less than a week. Once the dress came in and Sammy tried it on, I knew it was the one! We had just 2 days to revamp the shoot and go for a more elegant and classic look, and with huge help of the hair and makeup artist, we put together a 40s pinup inspired look with a bold lip, finger waves, a hair-clip suggested by Melissa from Bucci's Bridal that I fell head over heels for the day of the shoot.

I could not be more thankful and humbled at how everybody involved came together for this entirely new look and was completely ready for anything I threw at them. This was a lovely experience, and I can't wait to do more styled shoots in the future!

Dress: Uma by Rosa Clara, supplied by Bucci's Bridal
Pewaukee, WI
Instagram: @buccisbridal

Hair and Makeup: Sam Paulsen
Instagram: @samxpaulsen

Bouquet: Alfa Flower Shop
Wauwatosa, WI

Assistant: Leah Van Ert
Instagram: @leahvanert


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