My Best Friend's Wedding

Where do I even start with this? Long before I actually moved out to Oregon, I knew that I'd be flying home around May 9th to see Leah get married to her boy best friend. I'd been looking forward to it for a while, and hearing updates about the wedding from long distance was so exciting. Though I couldn't be in town for the wedding shower or bachelorette party, I stole Leah away for some one-on-one time before the big day for us to do our usual best friend things. Watching the classic Sleepover film from our teen years, ate junk food, went mini-golfing, and of course, had a photoshoot. Back when we were early teens, photography was something that really connected us and we grew together in. Leah was my first ever model and let me put her in lakes, bitter cold snow, rain, and through long photoshoots, but I learned a lot from having someone do exactly what I wanted. So a gift to Leah for her wedding was a little styled shoot for the two of us to have together, and I even crafted flower crowns for each of us. Though they can be a little cliche, I couldn't help but feel pretty and knew she did as well. Here's some photos!

Congratulations Mrs. Van Ert, you're the greatest bff I could ever ask for.

Best friends, always.