Duncan and Danielle | Married! An Intimate Backyard Wedding | Madison Wedding Photographer

My oh my, where to even start with this wedding. My favorite wedding to date, as well as some images I can't stop thinking about. I'll start from the top!

Duncan contacted me over the summer and mentioned he came across my website on Reddit. Now, I haven't ever been a really active user on Reddit, nor have I promoted my photography business there. Come to find out, my brother actually posted in a Madison, Wisconsin thread that I was a wedding photographer for hire some years ago, and they somehow stumbled across it and loved my images! Huge shoutout to my brother for recommending me ages ago. The internet is glorious!

In the following weeks, Duncan introduced me to his wife and we talked details at a coffee shop, and they were eager to book and get to their wedding day. Meeting a couple that was so responsive, understanding, and all around genuinely kind was such a pleasant surprise.

I loved everything about this little backyard wedding and watching two people so in love do their thing.

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