The Road, pt. 2

Once I met up with a few people in Seattle, we grabbed the last of the Flickrites from the airport and caravaned up to Vancouver. Crossing the border for me was quite a challenge, but for everyone else seemed like a breeze. Moving across the country with all of your possessions looks a little fishy when you're stopping in another country along the way just for fun. I got questioned, my car searched, and some bear spray confiscated. After about half an hour of questioning and paperwork, they let me go and I headed to Gurbir's house. Our lovely host, along with his partner Lizzy, housed us for the night before we headed off to a full day of travel to get to our island. We took cars to the train, the train to a very long bus ride, the bus to a big ferry, and the big ferry to a little foot ferry. Finally arriving on Newcastle Island was so relieving, and we all set up camp and got some sleep.

Newcastle island is a provincial park right off of Vancouver Island where the only access is by ferry or boat. We loaded up their little ferry a few times to get all of our camera gear, camping equipment, and personal items to our campsite. We stayed in a group site and had a little tent city, along with some hammocks along the edge of camp. We ate meals together and went to sleep in the same area, but everything else was about us joining any group of hikers we chose and venturing off around the huge island.

Meeting up with so many talented individuals is really inspiring. We have our little arguments and disagreements, but after a week like this, we can all sit around a campfire and spend hours singing Riptide, confessing what this community has done for us, and share moments about our lives that brings us all a little closer. I wouldn't trade my friendships with these people for anything and I'm incredibly blessed to have such a strong network of people to always turn to when I travel and need a place to stay, have questions about photoshop or techniques, or just need a friend to talk to. Flickr Island lives on!

I'll be posting more and more portraits from this week, but here are some behind the scenes and other shots from a glorious week with 45 wonderful Flickr photographers.

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