Car Washes and Watch Towers

I finally had a day off from all of my jobs, and decided to make the most of it with Rob. We left Saturday afternoon to make the trip to my hometown, Wisconsin Rapids, to see my best friend for life, Leah. Right as we got off the interstate, I saw a few run-down buildings and really had an itch for exploring something new. We found out one of the buildings was an old car wash, restaurant, and truck stop! Pretty neat to stumble across. 

After spending the night in Rapids, we got to spend more time with Leah's family and then wanted to head to the Wisconsin Dells to go kart and get some food before heading home. Right as we got into town, I saw this watch tower higher than anything else in the area. I'd never seen it before even though I've drive that route at least a hundred times, but after our evening in the Dells I couldn't stop thinking about the tower. We went back towards it and pulled off to the side of the road and started climbing. There were some pretty difficult and vertical parts of the climb, and unfortunately we didn't realize there were rock steps and a trail on the opposite side of the hill. Either way, we got to the tower and climbed up about halfway until a ladder and a locked door stopped us. I haven't done something so wonderfully stupid in a long time and I felt at ease. 

If you look close enough, that little black spot near the middle is the tower we climbed from the perspective of the other side of the highway. After climbing down, we really looked at how high up we were and I couldn't stop smiling.

And of course, a few pictures from my phone! We played mini golf at Pirate's Cove, so note the awesome pictures with a pirate statue.

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