Finally! I've taken the last few weeks to settle down after a summer of working 60 hour weeks, traveling around the country for a month, living in San Francisco for a month, and finally choosing Portland, Oregon to settle down in with Rob. We moved in, put together our apartment with new Ikea furniture, a fridge full of food, and each other. I started working at a grocery store doing home shopping, and he'll be starting a job at Best Buy soon, and I'm glad we're finally moving towards being on our feet. We're pretty tight on money right now, so what better than to drive around Oregon for the day and see all the beautiful scenery it has to offer? We visited Multnomah Falls this week, followed by an impromptu trip to the coast, specifically driving through Tillamook Forest and ending up at Cape Lookout. It's incredible how we can go from dense and quiet forest right to the vast, noisy ocean in minutes. I'm really liking the Pacific Northwest as I get to know the area better! We live about 15 minutes from downtown Portland, so it's not quite so busy but all the glory of the city is still within easy reach. We've just entered the rain season so it's at least sprinkling most days of the week, and I definitely need some rain boots. 

All in all, this move has been incredible and while I miss my friends back home so incredibly much, I feel very much at home with Rob in Oregon. I'm finally at ease.


Here's some photos from Multnomah Falls!

Here's the rest of the photos, taken on our little day trip to the Pacific ocean.